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Law & Order Worksheet for Modals of Obligation and Permission
Can, Could or Be Able To Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Can and Be Able To Reordering
Answer Sheet
Could You – Could I Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Must and Have To Differences Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Modal Signs Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Modals of Deduction Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Teach This
My Perfect World – Obligation and Prohibition Worksheet Activity
Modals of Obligation – Comprehensive Worksheet Activity
School Rules – Obligation and Prohibition Writing Exercise
10 Rules for English Class – Obligation and Prohibition Writing Exercise
Perfect English Grammar
Modal Verbs of Probability 1
Modal Verbs of Probability 2


Games & Activities

Teach This
Can and Could – Modals of Possibility Speaking Game
Jon’s Story – Modals of Possibility Writing & Speaking Activity
Modal Mania – Speaking Task for Modals of Possibility, Ability, Prohibition & Obligation
Past & Present Ability – Speaking Activity
Necessity – Matching and Speaking Activity
Should Survey – Obligation and Prohibition Survey
What do you think ? – Obligation & Prohibition Pairwork Activity
ELT Games
School Rules – Obligation Modals Practice


Modals of Obligation, Prohibition and Necessity

Class Contracts – Modal Verbs of Obligation, Group Writing Activity
Job Descriptions – Modals of Obligation and Prohibition, Reading, Listening & Speaking Activity
How to – Modal Verbs of Obligation Pairwork Writing Activity











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