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Relative Pronoun Gap Fill
Answer Sheet
Butter is Something That – Relative Clause Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Auto English
Relative Clauses Defining Worksheet
Relative Clauses Non-Defining Worksheet
Perfect English Grammar

Relative Clauses

Defining Relative Clauses 1
Defining Relative Clauses 2
Defining Relative Clauses 3
Defining Relative Clauses 4

Games & Activities

ESL Lounge
Relative Clause Flashcards
ELT Games
Relative Pronouns – Who, Which, That, Whose, Where Speaking Activity
Personally Speaking – Defining Relative Clauses Practice
25 Relative Clauses Games
FCE Use of English Part Two open cloze practice of relative clauses
Technology relative clauses definitions game
How British is your English? 
How British is your Financial English?
Plot summaries add the relative clauses
Relative clauses slang Call my bluff
Inside Out Upper Vocabulary revision relative clauses game
Korean cultural codewords relative clauses definitions


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