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Reference & Resources

English Club
Adverb position guide
One Stop English
Gradable & non-gradable adjectives


ESL Lounge
Comparatives Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Double Comparatives Worksheet
Answer Sheet
One Stop English
Extreme adjectives worksheet
BBC Learning English
Absolutely + adjective worksheet
Finding adverbs exercise worksheet
Positioning adverbs worksheet
English Grammar
Positioning of adverbs exercise
ESL Teacher’s Board
Normal & strong adjectives worksheet
Extreme adjectives worksheet
Comparatives & Superlatives + Adverbs
Adverbs of Manner Sentence Completion Game
Anna Grammar
Frequency adverbs worksheet
Cambridge English
Adverbs for describing actions worksheet
Adverbs of degree exercise
Random Idea English
Collection of gradable & non-gradable adjective exercises

Games & Activities

One Stop English
The Adverb Game – Worksheet 1
The Adverb Game – Worksheet 2
The Adverb Game – Teacher’s notes
EFL Resource
Adverb placement practice – 1:30 lesson plan
ELT Base
Gradable & non-gradable activities
TEFL Prague & Abroad
The Odd Couple – Lesson Plan


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