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Reference & Resources

English Page
Let, Make, Have & Get explained
Due to, owing to, because of
HK ED City
Adverbal clauses of reason PowerPoint


ESL Lounge
Reason & Cause Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Reordering Worksheet – Purpose,Reason,Result
Answer Sheet
Cause & Result Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Purpose,Reason and Result Multiple Choice
Answer Sheet
Vacation Orders – Get/Have Something Done
Answer Sheet
Causative Text Messages
Answer Sheet
HK ED City
Cause & effect worksheet
Grammar Bank
Causative verbs worksheet
Causative verbs worksheet 2
Causative verbs worksheet 3
Causative verbs worksheet 4
English Learner
Causative Story
University of Kent
Cause & effect relationships exercise
Azar Grammar
Because / because of / due to the fact that / due to worksheet

Games & Activities

Cause & effect matching
Cause & effect cards
English with Jennifer
Neighbourhood gossip
Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals
Causative verbs movie activity





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