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English Club
One Stop English
Collocations: fact
Collocations: expectation
Collocations: hit
Collocations: settle
Collocations: offset
Collocations: dense
Collocations: deadline
Collocations: cast
Collocations: slight
Collocations: grievance
Collocations: peace
Collocations: fragile
Collocations: grasp.
Collocations: fit
Collocations: dilemma
Collocations: play
Collocations: place
Collocations: fuss
Collocations: flaw
Collocations: enhance
Collocations: mistake
Collocations: win/earn/gain.
Collocations: bear
Collocations: fruitful/fruitless
Collocations: return
Collocations: favour
Collocations: set
Collocations: withdraw
Collocations: tough
Collocations: fundamental/fundamentals
Collocations: break
Collocations: avoid and evade
Collocations: climate
Collocations: run
Collocations: glory
Collocations: acquire
Collocations: gesture
Collocations: embargo
Collocations: firm
Collocations: drinking
Collocations: raise
Collocations: bring
Collocations: deadly, lethal, fatal
Collocations: heavy
Collocations: launch
Collocations: eye
Collocations: cynical
Collocations: throw
Collocations: stress
Collocations: footing
Collocations: discrepancy
Collocations: tours, tourists and tourism
Collocations: cause
Collocations: goal
Collocations: damage
Collocations: grudge
Collocations: optimism
Collocations: secret
Collocations: coughs and colds
Collocations: flurry
Collocations: clear
Collocations: gain
Collocations: keep
Collocations: fighting
Collocations: petty
Collocations: draw
Collocations: factor
Collocations: guilt/guilty
Collocations: frank
Collocations: flood
Collocations: lose
Collocations: grip
Collocations: energy
Collocations: thorough
Collocations: fog
Collocations: pull
Collocations: strike
Collocations: frantic
Collocations: catch
Collocations: intense
English Grammar
Colllocations with heavy
Prepositions in collocations
Preposition collocations with nouns & verbs
Collocations with ing forms


ESL Lounge
Noun Collocations 1   Answer Sheet
Noun Collocations 2   Answer Sheet
Noun Collocations 3   Answer Sheet
Noun Collocations 4   Answer Sheet
Verb Collocations 1   Answer Sheet
Verb Collocations 2   Answer Sheet
Verb Collocations 3   Answer Sheet
Verb Collocations 4   Answer Sheet
BBC Learning English
Common collocations worksheet
Developing Teachers
Introduction to collocations lesson plan
Verb + noun collocations lesson plan
Cambridge English
English collocations exercises
Contrastive exercises for teaching collocations 
Handouts Online
Crime & punishment with collocations
01 Work
02 Family
03 time
04 get
05 Money
06 Compound adjectives
07 Similes
08 The natural world
09 Humour
IH Bristol
Adverb – adjective collocation gapfill
Collocations exercise
English Online
School collocations worksheet
ELT Base
Book Collocations
Using English
Email vocabulary & collocations
Say It
Word combination workbook
English Club
Business collocation worksheet

Games & Activities

Using English
Sports & Hobbies collocation pellmanism

English collocation graphs for teaching

British Council
Noun/noun collocations
Phrasal verb collocation matching


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