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Reference & Resources

English Page
Future continuous
Future perfect


ESL Lounge
Future Continuous or Future Perfect
Answer Sheet
Future Continuous Reordering Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Perfect English Grammar
Future Continuous (or Future Progressive) Form
Future Continuous Positive
Future Continuous Negative
Future Continuous Questions

Future Perfect Simple Form

Future Perfect Positive
Future Perfect Negative
Future Perfect Questions
English is a Piece of Cake
Future perfect notes & worksheet

Games & Activities

Making arrangements with mixed future tenses
E Grammar
Future continuous & perfect worksheet
Handouts Online
Future continuous & future perfect lesson plan
Macmillan English
Future continuous & future perfect worksheet
Really Learn English
Future continuous & future perfect worksheet

Games & Activities

Using English
New Year – Future perfect worksheet and speaking activity
ELT Base
Future perfect & future continuous worksheet & discussion
Future perfect & continuous practice
Designer Lessons
Future Self – Present & Continuous














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