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Ana Owen: Dyslexia-Friendly Techniques for EFL Learners

EFLtalks for EFL Magazine

Teachers and educators everywhere have been sharing their ideas and 10 minutes of their time to help new, future and experienced English Language professionals with their Teacher Development for free with EFLtalks. The growing database of short videos has revolutionized the delivery of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with its 10-minute, 10-slide presentations recorded by the top experts in the EFL education field.

The concept, developed by Rob Howard in 2015, provides free Teacher Development and resources to teachers worldwide thru its website “The main objective was to help new and future teachers from less-advantaged countries acquire quality information that they lacked quickly, easily and for free, but in its second year, and with the flexibility that technology affords us, it has grown into so much more,” says the founder. “This year, we are focused on live webinars for specific organizations such as ECUATESOL held in February, BRAZ-TESOL on May 7th, and Macedonia Thrace Northern Greece event coming October 9th. The live events mirror the first event’s format which was a 10-hour straight marathon of 50 teachers with a keynote speaker and prizes such as books, free courses and one-on-one sessions with the experts.” At the same time, the ongoing contributions to THE TEACHERS’ VIDEO GLOSSARY, the first-of-its-kind video archive of teacher terminology continue. These 10-minute presentations are featured weekly on the EFLtalks Facebook page and hope to form a permanent, growing and evolving tool for teachers and professionals to come.

Also in the works is the release of a series of EFLtalks Companion Guides. Volume 1 was released at the 2017 IATEFL Conference and is composed of chapters written by our EFLtalkers to add depth to their talks on the site. As the videos are and will remain not-for-profit, the Companion Guides are a way to raise money to support the continuation of the project. The low-cost eBook is available for US$4.99 for download or US$14.95 for print and are sold through Amazon.

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