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Zen and the Art of Language Presentations

To teach new language successfully, and in a way that students are interested in, it can often help to point to something beyond the language itself in order for the […]

Let’s Think about the Language

As I was playing with my baby daughter some days ago, we were listening to some of my childhood songs from the movie The Sound of Music. While listening, something […]

Becoming an Online Teaching Entrepreneur

Today’s guest is Rob Howard. Rob chats about his background growing up in a family business and how this prepared him for a life in entrepreneurship. Rob also gives some […]

5 Steps to Designing Equitable Instruction

5 Steps to Designing Equitable Instruction: Applying Universal Design for Learning in the English as a Foreign Language Classroom Classrooms across the world are becoming more diverse due to global […]

Teaching Tracks: Top Ten

Teaching Tracks: Top 10

Teaching Tracks: Book Review: Chris Walklett, I first came across Chris Walklett’s work in the academic presentations and conference appearances he made in the years leading up to this publication.  […]

How NOT to Email Your Teacher, Professor or TA

How NOT to Email Your Teacher

Perhaps it is because midterms are fast approaching, but my sensitivity to the emails my students are sending me always has clear peaks and valleys. I am quite understanding at […]