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Getting to 200 Million Podcast Downloads in Seven Years, with Lindsay McMahon

Lindsay is an education technology (Edtech) entrepreneur in the field of ESL (English as a Second Language) as well as a teacher who strives to help clients reach their communication goals in order to achieve their dreams.

As the producer and co-host of the award-winning All Ears English Podcast, Lindsay has built a digital brand that inspires students worldwide and has acquired more than 200 million downloads since launch.

Lindsay is the CEO of All Ears English, a fast-growing ESL brand that inspires adult English learners to focus on connection through English by providing both general English training and IELTS test preparation.

In her ventures, Lindsay implements technology such as podcasting and webinars to better serve international English learners. She uses Lean Startup methods to build platforms where communities of learners with similar visions can come together to support each other in pursuit of the common goal of better communication.

Publications/Featured Articles/interviews:
LANGUAGE MAGAZINE: Podcasting Into the Future. Language Magazine. March 2020.
PODCAST MAGAZINE: 200 Million Ears: A New Way to Learn English. Podcast Magazine. May 2021.
FORBES: Cook, Jodie. “5 Steps to Building a Raving Fan Base with a Podcast in 2022.” Forbes, Dec 23, 2021.

Presentations/Panel Discussions:
-Inspired Teachers Create Inspired Learners: Find Your Platform and Purpose. Women in Language Conference. March 2021.
-Learning Through Connection, Not Perfection: Reflections on Building a Global Podcast Community. Language Summit. March 2021.
-How ELT Social Media Influencers Are Redefining Online English Teaching Panel Discussion. Bridge Universe Summit. December 2021
-Creating Edtech and Educational Products Panel Discussion. Bridge Universe Summit. December 2021

Podcast Appearances/Interviews:
-Grammar Girl Podcast Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing with host Mignon Fogarty. May 2020.
-Language Mastery Podcast Interview with host John Fotheringham. June 2019.
-Langpreneur Podcast. Merging Podcasts and Teamwork to Create a Strong Brand with host Jan van der Aa. January 2021.

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