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The Path to Building a Successful Online Teaching Platform, with Alex Asher

Alex Asher is the CEO of Learncube. Originally from New Zealand and now living in London, Alex has successfully steered learn cube to the successful company it is today.

We chat about Alex’s life as an entrepreneur. In the chat he reflects on an initial business failure and the lessons he has learned from the experience. We also cover the important skills you need to master to succeed in business and the history and future of Learncube

About Learncube

We provide two key solutions:
1. An award-winning virtual classroom (API) made for interactive tutoring
2. All-in-one platform for managing scheduling, content, users, reports, payments and more.

Our customers include, Preply, Oxford University Press, Kern Training, Littera Education and many more.

Many of our largest customers have built their own sophisticated platforms but don’t want the hassle of trying to build a virtual classroom from scratch (video-conferencing, interactive whiteboards, teaching tools, lesson library, etc) and definitely don’t have the time to maintain it.

Instead, they choose the LearnCube Virtual Classroom because our multi-tab whiteboards, library and teaching tools are incredibly easy to use. LearnCube’s infrastructure is also made for scale and we provide real visibility into the online classroom for reporting & safeguarding reasons.

Many of our SMB customers choose our all-in-one solution when their approach of patching together Zoom, and multiple other systems, starts to break down. They also want to push their brand and provide a more professional, cohesive, education-focused experience.

LearnCube’s white-label Online School solution does this out of the box and handles class scheduling (with automated reminders), advanced content management, user management, smart reporting, and online payment.

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