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The Post Pandemic Student 

Like many others, I was looking forward to the return to face-to-face classes after COVID 19 had peaked and most of us were vaccinated. Most of my colleagues and I […]

Teaching ESL on Zoom – 3 Underused Features

Teaching ESL on Zoom

Teaching ESL on Zoom – 3 Underused Features The internet abounds with stories of teachers moving their lessons online; they reflect on their experiences, and then they write about them.  […]

Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is an almost inescapable aspect of our contemporary culture. It seems that with very few exceptions, most aspects of our lives can be enhanced, supported, and occasionally disrupted […]

Great Online Tools for Teaching

More Resources for Your Online Teaching

Great Online Tools for Teaching First, there was a delay. Then, there was a decision to go online for two weeks. Now, it looks like I may never actually meet […]

Personalising Your Online Teaching

Personalising Your Online Teaching

English language teachers around the world are quickly transitioning from f2f teaching formats to video platforms and online learning management systems. The COVID 19 pandemic has hastened this change, causing […]