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The EFL Magazine Guide: Ten TEFL Online Courses

Ten TEFL Online Courses

EFL Magazine has given 10 providers of TEFL online courses. The opportunity to give us some information about their services which may be of interest to our readers.

EFL Magazine has compiled this article from original submissions provided by ten TEFL companies who offer online courses. Therefore,  We here at EFL Magazine were conscious that listing course providers from 1 to 10 may give the impression that courses were somehow ranked in order of importance. So, in the interests of impartiality and fairness we have listed the ten providers in alphabetical order.  

Therefore, A big EFL Magazine “Thank You!” to all of our course providers for taking the time to explain the Online TEFL services that you offer.   


Bridge offers affordable, accessible, internationally recognised TEFL/TESOLcertification to global English teachers at all stages of their careers. But, What differentiates Bridge is the academic quality of their organisation. So, All of their TEFL/TESOL courses are fully accredited and many are recommended for college credit or can be taken as a pathway to graduate studies. They also support and connect a community of over 100,000 English teachers worldwide by offering ongoing professional development options and access to a global employer network.

Their online TEFL/TESOL Courses start at around $200 (US Dollars) and can be taken from anywhere in the world. So, Bridge’s popular Professional Certificates (of 120 hour or more) qualify graduates for top positions teaching English worldwide

Bridge also offers a comprehensive, award-winning suite of Specialized Certification Courses in Teaching English Online. Which prepare teachers with the tools, technology, and teaching methods for the virtual classroom.  Teachers can also gain hands-on experience via the innovative Online Teaching Practicum. 

Therefore, Prices provided by Bridge.

Please check them out today at


BSC are really excited to share the New Online CERT TEFL Course and support those looking for a career teaching English online, abroad or in English language schools.  This course is perfect for those who want to pick up practical classroom teaching techniques to enhance the teaching and learning in their classrooms.

Their 140 hour BSC Cert TEFL course designed to make getting your TEFL qualification as easy as possible.  The course written by expert BSC trainers. Who has delivered English language training at their schools in the UK, as well as for corporate partnerships and training overseas?

The online course is designed in bite-size chunks making it easy for students to study at their own pace.  The usual price is £490 (GBP) but with a current offer of 50% discount students can purchase for only £245 (GBP).

Prices provided by BSC.

Please check them out today at

International TEFL Academy 

Founded in 2010, International TEFL Academy (ITA) is a world leader in online TEFL certification for teaching English abroad and online, offering: 

4-week intensive online TEFL courses for $1,999 (US Dollars) 


11-week part-time online TEFL courses for $1,449 (US Dollars) 

Online TEFL Course information can be found at 

ITA has certified more than 30,000 English teachers and their online course graduates have gained employment in 80 countries worldwide, with thousands teaching online as well.

In January 2021, ITA named “Top Online TEFL Course” by for the third year running.

In addition to the award-winning courses taught by university-level instructors, ITA sets itself apart with the depth of resources, information, and personalised guidance provided to all students.

Before enrolment, students receive one-on-one guidance from experienced advisors, and once they register for their class. All students enjoy access to lifetime job search guidance for teaching abroad and online. In addition to our exclusive network of 30,000 alumni around the globe.

Prices provided by ITA.

Please check them out today at  


Since 2012, iTDi has been helping teachers find the best educator within themselves.  From pre-service novices to veteran in-service teachers, iTDi are proud of the impact they have on the lives of teachers.  As a social enterprise, they committed to offering affordable, accessible, and practical courses.

They focus on developing practical teaching skills and a reflective teaching approach, with an online community steeped in trust, enthusiasm, and respect.  Teachers who invest in themselves through iTDi genuinely express their appreciation for a uniquely positive experience.

The 140 hour iTDi TESOL Certificate $1,795 for groups of 4 to 6 participants or $2,499 (US Dollars) for 1-to-1 tuition) exemplifies a commitment to teachers’ growth.  Guided by veteran tutors, teachers embark on an educational journey through 45 online lessons created by Scott Thornbury and a global team.

With interactive live tutorials and discussion forums, their carefully blended course leads to deeper learning from your 12 recorded teaching practicums.  Teachers not only gain a TESOL certificate but also rediscover their teacher within.

iTDi also offers 30 hour TESOL Introductory courses with prices starting at $379 (US Dollars) for groups of 4 to 6 participants or $499 (US Dollars) for 1-to-1 tuition), and other options.

All prices obtained from the iTDi website at the time of going to press.

Please check them out today at 


At i-to-i, they have more TEFL graduates working around the world than any other course provider.  Their 300 hour top of range Level 5 Diploma> is a perfect example of why.

The Level 5 Diploma is a highly accessible course that blends core TEFL teaching skills with modules for in-demand specialisms including online teaching, business English, and working with younger learners.  The Level 5 course leads to the hugely sought after Ofqual (UK Government) regulated Level 5 TEFL qualification, providing an internationally recognised stamp of quality.

You can start this super-flexible course at any time, and study from anywhere in the world.  At full price the Level 5 Diploma costs £825 (GBP) but you can bag a substantial discount. If you book directly via the website at (there was a whopping discount of £289 (GBP) at the time of writing).

Alternatively, with prices from around £150 (GBP) they offer two other starter qualifications

A 180 hour Level 5 Certificate Course at


A 120 hour Level 3 TEFL Course at 

Prices provided by i-to-i.

Please check them out today at

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

ITTT is a long-established and respected course provider that has been offering high-quality training courses since 1988.  Their range of flexible and convenient online courses ranging from 60 to 550 hours of TEFL/TESOL training can be taken from anywhere in the world with only an internet connection required.  You can work through the course at your own pace.

All of the courses accredited by prominent and highly respected institutions in the EFL world, including the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA).

The TEFL/TESOL Certificates that are awarded upon successful completion of our courses are welcomed by employers in countries across the world.  Each ITTT certificate also comes with a personalised certificate number that can be verified by employers and governments directly through their website and all of their course graduates receive access to a wealth of post-course assistance that includes teaching materials, lesson plans, and lifetime job assistance.

ITTT offers online certification with prices beginning at an offer price from $199 (US Dollars)

Online Diploma with prices beginning at an offer price from $499 (US Dollars), and other options.

But, All prices obtained from the ITTT website at the time of going to press.

Please check them out today at 

Oxford TEFL

Oxford TEFL is the most popular 100% online CELTA course provider worldwide. So, The tutors and trainees are based all over the world and they are proud of the diversity of their community. Therefore, They have been training teachers since 1998 and this experience has provided them with all the expertise necessary to help teachers receive the best possible start to their TEFL journey.

All of their graduates gain access to a life-long Careers Service, and with excellent post-CELTA employment rates. They feel this really makes them stand out from other course providers.

The variety of schedules will suit every time zone. Therefore, The Cambridge CELTA courses include: 

120 hour 4-week Intensive Courses starting every fortnight or 120 hour 14-week Part-Time Courses starting almost every week means that they have something to suit everyone.

The course fee is: €1,500 which includes training, assessment, careers service and graduate discounts on teacher development courses.

So, They pay close attention to feedback from graduates and their 9.4 average rating is a testament to the fact that they listen to what their trainees have to say.  Therefore, They adapt courses to meet student needs.  

Positive comments drive them to keep providing the best experience they can every day like this comment from a recent graduate – “[It was] an amazing, enlightening, and really inspiring experience”.

Oxford TEFL also has an online teaching community, Oxford TEFL Connect, and a range of other teacher development courses and workshops to ensure teachers keep developing, even after they have graduated from CELTA.

Prices were provided by Oxford TEFL.

So, Please check them out today at 

Premier TEFL 

Premier TEFL offers some of the best and most affordable English government regulated Level 5 TEFL qualifications. So, accredited course prices start from around £90 (GBP) and are perfect for TEFL beginners since they come with dedicated tutor support.

Some courses include: 

120-hour Advanced TEFL Course at an offer price from €149

240-hour Expert TEFL Course at an offer price of €229, and other options.

All courses are currently studied online, whether they are self-study or tutor-led.  For teaching practise sessions in the Teacher Studio, trainee teachers attend workshops via Zoom.  

So, You can often see the expert tutors of Premier TEFL sharing tips or interviewing graduates, 94% of whom recommend their company, on live Facebook webinars.

Alongside their popular paid TEFL internships they recently launched a dedicated TEFL job recruitment website to support graduates in their hunt for work online or abroad, called  

All course prices were obtained from the Premier TEFL website at the time of going to press.

Please check them out today at  

The TEFL Academy (TTA)

The TEFL Academy is the world’s leading TEFL course provider, offering only accredited and regulated TEFL courses to place you in the best possible position for employment after completion. So, Their team of experts will guide you through your TEFL journey, and will provide ongoing support and useful resources to help you get qualified and ready for employment and far-flung travel!

After successful completion of their 168 hour TEFL Course. So, You will be presented with an internationally recognised Level 5 TEFL Certificate.

The 168 hour Level 5 Course can be completed online at a current offer price of €225.

So, You could also opt for their Combined Level 5 TEFL Course which includes attendance on-campus for 20 hours of the classroom experience for the current offer price of €275.

TTA always has fantastic offers available as they aim to provide the most accessible, flexible, and cost-effective way to get TEFL-qualified! 

Prices were obtained from TTA website at the time of going to press.

Please check them out today at 

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