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At the International Teacher Development Institute (, we are committed to helping ALL teachers – native, non-native, teachers in big cities and those far away in the countryside, teachers with big budgets for their own professional development and teachers with no financial support from anyone. We believe that every teacher deserves the same chance to improve. The Internet can be a great equalizer.

So, we are what they now call a “purpose-driven business” – a company that focuses primarily on a vision – and ours is to provide affordable, accessible, and useful teacher development opportunities to all. We have some of the most reasonable prices anywhere online and offer a significant percentage of scholarships for those who want to learn but cannot pay. We like that about our mission.

We offer many 4-week online courses throughout the year, both live and as self-study learning. This month, March 2018, we are offering “Apps 4 EFL with Paul Raine” – a course so practical and hands-on, you will be surprised. In fact, we would like to offer you the chance to see the Week 1 recording just because we are thrilled to be working with Paul and teachers literally from around the world.

Simply click on this link, sit back and watch teachers learning together.

Paul introduced his website with 30+ free web-apps and talked us through three of the apps that focus on WRITING. Now, for homework, teachers must go in and test-drive these web-apps, play with them, try them with friends or students, then report back to our private Google+ Community what they learned or still need help to use or understand. It is simply the best way to learn, to stay motivated, and to challenge yourself.

We always have people join from week 2, so if you would like to have this kind of learning experience, come check it out HERE

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