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Linguacuisine Announces It’s New Comic

by Sharyn Collins

Readers of this magazine will remember an article in about the new app Linguacuisine which helps learners to learn a language while learning to cook.

The app has been very successful and now Prpfessor Paul Seedhouse who helped design the app at Newcastle University would like readers and potential culinary artists to view his new comic.

Linguacuisine is always looking for new contributors and  future celebrity cooks, so if you love cooking and you would like to film yourself preparing your favourite dish and then follow the app to give ingredients and vocabulary then linguacuisine would love to hear from you. 

What I am about to write is normally what someone would write as a eulogy for a deceased person. I thank God that my son is not dead and take pride in being able to eulogise about him while he is still carrying on his life and contributing to the lives of others.  

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