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Marjorie Rosenberg

Marjorie Rosenberg is in conversation with Gerry Counihan about her book Spotlight on Learning Styles. Marjorie also talks about her presidency of IATEFL and what she hopes to achieve during her tenure.

Spotlight on Learning Styles focuses on how we learn rather than what we learn. It sheds light on our individual learning preferences and what we can do to learn and to teach more successfully: teachers recognise the characteristics of their own teaching styles; and learners recognise the characteristics of their own learning styles. The book also provides opportunities for us all to step outside our ‘comfort zones’ and multiply our possibilities for success

Marjorie Rosenberg is originally from New Jersey in the US. After receiving an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) degree in vocal performance from the University of Buffalo in upstate New York,  she moved to New York City where she found a ‘day job’ in an advertising agency as a media buyer. She continued to pursue a career as an opera singer by taking on roles in small opera companies around the city and finally founding a small opera company with a friend and fellow-singer from university. This dream brought her to Graz, Austria in 1981 and she has been there ever since.

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