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Spring Learning, Yokohama – School for Sale

Spring Learning, Yokohama – School for Sale

Starting a school from scratch is incredibly difficult.Most schools fail within a year or two because they don’t get enough students, don’t communicate or market themselves well, and can’t build a brand.

That’s why it can be a really great decision to buy an already established school with students and systems in place. Right now Spring Learning English Gakudo is looking for potential buyers for their school in Kohoku-ku, Yokohama. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this post to register your interest. The current owners are looking for someone who is passionate and capable, and will be able to continue the school’s great connections in the local community.

A 13 year history and community

Spring International English Gakudo has 62 children and 7 adult students, and many of the students have been coming to the school for years, even decades. Spring Learning have been an important part of the Kohoku community since it started in 2008, and opportunities to get new students connected with current students in their schools and clubs are limitless.

The school also has teachers and staff on board who have been successfully teaching classes, so you wouldn’t be coming in with no idea how to keep the school running with the students already enrolled. The curriculum is already created so no curriculum prep will be needed (this saves a lot of time).

Spring Learning in Yokohama - School for Sale
The school comes with everything you need to be fully up and running from day one!

What is included with the school purchase?

Of course you wouldn’t want to buy a school and then have to refurbish the place with furniture, teaching materials and technology. Thankfully Spring Learning comes with over 1.2 million JPY of school owned assets including:

  • Computers
  • Music players
  • Teaching materials
  • Phones and desks
  • and a great deal more.

A full breakdown of school assets is available to interested candidates.

Get out of the rat race and become an owner. Contact us today:

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