School For Sale in Nara

Starting a new school is hard! You’ve got to think about: Location, rent, utilities and setup fees Students, parents, marketing and getting the first people in the door when you […]

Gamagori School for Sale!

Starting a school is super hard, so it might be worth looking to buy a school that is already running and has students. Here’s a school like that!
Happy Kids English School

School for Sale – Beat Eikaiwa in Osaka

BEAT EIKAIWA IS NOW SOLD! Beat Eikaiwa was the brainchild of Peter Carter and Taeko Kashiwagi and was established in November 2007. It opened its doors for its first students […]

School for Sale in Takatsuki, Osaka

SOLD! There are currently 17 students already enrolled at the school, which is a BIG deal since starting a new school would leave you with a big hole in your […]

School for Sale in Osaka!

SOLD! Some details for you: Asking price for the school: ¥850,000 Nearby Station: Izumiotsu (Nankai Line)   The school is growing and has 40 students. Currently, it is open four days […]

Kids School for Sale

SOLD! And while you’re at it, go and take a look at the first article in our series about starting your own school.   This is Sunshine Kids Club. The […]

Kyoto School for Sale

Do you want to start your own school, but don’t know where to begin? There’s a big opportunity in Kyoto that you won’t want to miss out on. For someone […]