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School for Sale in Japan – Gamagori, Aichi

School for Sale in Japan – Gamagori
Starting a school is super hard, so if you want to do that, it might be worth looking to buy a school that is already running and has students. Here’s a school like that!

Happy Kids English School

Location: Gamagori, Aichi
Wait, if the school is doing well, why is it for sale? Well the owner (who built the school from scratch now up to 75 regular students) is moving back to their home country with her family. For five years the school has grown and grown, and is popular and well known in the local community. There is one kindergarten, two elementary schools and one junior high school within easy walking distance from the school, so there are lots of opportunities to continue to grow the student base of the school.

What you get

School for sale in Japan

  • Currently 75 students, mainly children from 2 – 16 years old.
  • 2 Floor building in Gamagori. The first floor is set up for little kids with small tables and a cushioned floor. The second floor is for bigger kids and adults with regular tables and chairs. The rent is ¥64,800/ month.
  • Fully furnished and ready to teach school building and materials.

Some details

If you’re interested, a full breakdown of revenue, costs and assets is available if you reach out with the contact form at the bottom of this post.

Web ads covered by the ME marketing fund, but you would need to recruit, train and manage a teacher and do local marketing in order to continue to get new students and grow the business.



The school comes fully furnished. Just get the keys and start teaching. Outside school sign, flyers, good reputation, web page – even a fridge and a few more to add.


The school is using Genki English for the speaking part, and different textbooks according to the levels and age of students for the writing part.

Current teaching hours

The classes amount to a total of 17.5 teaching hours per week.

These kids are 7 years old and they are learning Oxford Phonics World 2. They’ve been here for 2 years, now this is their 3rd year. What you see in the video is what they have learned after only 3 months in this school year!

“I did advertising in the previous years, now I just invite friends at the main events and word of mouth from current students parents.” said the current owner.

If you are interested to find out more including a full breakdown of the assets, costs and price for the school, please use the form below to show your interest and discuss the sale.

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