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Sunshine Kids Club – Kids School for Sale

Sunshine Kids Club


And while you’re at it, go and take a look at the first article in our series about starting your own school.

This is Sunshine Kids Club. The owner is looking to sell this colourful kids school, and they only want ¥600,000 for it. This is time limited, as the owner wants to close the deal by the end of July.

This is a teacher-owner-operator school, you can do it all. Every new student is more money in your pocket. An experienced teacher with qualifications would be ideal, and a passionate and likeable teacher could turn this school into a thriving and fun English class for kids. Want to reap both the financial rewards and the satisfaction of making the difference that you want to make? Now’s your chance.

Disclaimer: This is serious business. If you just want your paycheck and chill evenings and weekends, this might not be for you. Operating and managing a school has massive potential for you to make more money and free you from being an employee. It requires work, talent and vision. If you are serious about making a difference, read on:

(1) Sale Price

  • ¥600,000 (plus sales tax) or best offer (one offer of ¥600,000 to hand)
  • First month’s rental deposit ¥410,920 (Each month’s rent is ¥83,160.)  See (3) below.
  • Franchise sign-up fee reduced to ¥500,000 (plus sales tax)
  • Passionate in teaching English to all the different ages.
  • Is willing to commit to school’s quality improvement and keeping the business for long term.
  • MUST be able to take over from August 1st and be free for training prior to that.
  • Potential to open immersion pre-school classes and expand offerings.

(2) Details of the Sale

Includes all the equipment such as teaching materials, furniture and office supplies that are already set in the school, including:

  • All the teaching materials for kids and adult classes as a franchise school of Modern English (Happy Valley textbooks, workbooks, flashcards, picture cards, CDs. “Picaro” textbooks, workbooks, teacher books, laminated flashcards. “Modern English Core Curriculum” textbooks.)
  • Other teaching materials. (Whiteboard, projector, speakers, story books –about 50 and more, toys, soft mats)
  • Office supplies (Mac Book Pro version 10.10.5, 13 inch, Early 2011, printer, office desk, laminator)
  • Furniture (tables, desks, stools, chairs, sofa, front desk, book shelves, fans (2), electric oil heaters (2), refrigerator, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, kitchenware – dishes, cups)

NOT included in the sale:

  • Owner’s personal belongings
  • Piano
  • Non-ESL Textbooks etc.
  • Event decorations (Halloween and Christmas)

(3) Rent Details

The rent to be negotiated between new owner and the real estate company, but the rent will most likely stay the same for using the property as the same business. Current info for the first month’s deposit and each month’s rent.

First Month:

Deposit ¥250,000 – (Returnable, the percentage returned depends on length of stay. 100% return for full 5 years use. We are checking details now and will update)

First month’s rent ¥77,760

Common service fee ¥5,400

Commission to the real estate company ¥77,760

Total: ¥410,920

From the second month – ¥83,160: ¥77,760 rent + ¥5,400 service fee.

(4) Air Conditioner

The current owner bought the AC in May 2018 as a second hand unit. It will remain at no extra cost. The real estate company will not take any responsibility. Maintenance, cleaning and repair must be carried out at the owner’s expense.

(5) Internet and Phone

Fibre optic line is contracted with K-Opticom Corporation. A phone line is available to connect with the fibre optic line. The new owner will have to pay the all related fees to the former owner during the process of the changing of the contract.

(6) Water, Electricity, Gas

The contract will be changed to the new owner. As above.

(7) Insurance

The fire insurance or the property insurance should be of the new owner’s responsibility.

(8) School’s history

  • Opened January 2013. Registered as self-employed business at Kamigyo Tax Office.
  • One teacher operates all the classes.
  • The school changed to Modern English operations from April 2018.

Duration            Teacher

2013.1 – 2016.3    Male, American

2016.4 – 2018.3    Male, American

  1. 4 – present    Male, Brazilian American

(9) The Neighborhood

Desirable middle-class neighborhood.

Nearest station: Kuramaguchi (subway, Karasuma-line), 20 min walk from the station.

Bus stop: Senbon kuramaguchi, Funaoka-yama, Kenkun Jinja (Kenkun jinja shrine).

It is located in a moderately quiet neighborhood with supermarket, tofu shop, cafes, bakeries, senior day care center nearby. There are many nursery schools, kindergartens, public elementary schools and junior high schools in this area. Many of the school’s students are from these schools and live close by, and so they come on foot or by bicycle.

Schools nearby; Rakushi Elementary School, Murasakino Elementary School, Kenryuko Elementary School, Kashiwano Elementary School, Shoran Elementary School, Nishijin-chuo Elementary School, Murasakino Junior/High School, Shoran Kindergarten, Kitano Nursery School, Rakuyo Nursery School, Rakushi Nursery School, Shiroi-hato Nursery School, Bukkyo University.

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