Starting a School in Japan – Introduction

For foreigners living in Japan, starting your own language school has to be the most common business considered, attempted and, in varying degrees, failed at. While the market for another English school seems to be saturated, there are many opportunities for hard-working, entrepreneurial minded foreigners in Japan.

Cubing: Recharging the Power of Brainstorming

“My family had to escape from our country because of it.” My EAP (English for Academic Purposes) class had ‘cubed’ the lesson topic – describing, comparing, analysing, arguing, telling a […]

The Future of English Language Teaching is Liberal Arts

Our disrupted world is poised for more disruption. New technologies have already upended many industries and professions. English language teaching and education more generally have not been an exception. Language […]

A Short Guide to Acronyms in ELT

Acronyms in ELT

Acronyms in ELT: What they mean and where and how they are used.  Like any profession or field, the teaching of English has evolved and developed a whole range of […]

ColloCaid: Helping with Academic English Collocations


Teachers, editors, proof-readers, or indeed anyone who regularly reviews texts can confirm that many writers struggle when choosing word combinations which sound natural. In general, choosing strong collocations (words that […]

Top 10 Books for New EFL Teachers

Books for EFL Teachers

There is always help and advice available on books for EFL teachers. Whether it is from Facebook groups, forums or from colleagues, you are never far away from some tips […]

Constructivist Theory, Connection and Rubrics

Constructivist Theory

Teachers are “vehicles of power”. Teachers must provide circumstances for students to accomplish empowerment. It is only possible when we as teachers take a critical stance to our activities. Most […]