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Beat Eikaiwa, Osaka – School for Sale


Beat Eikaiwa was the brainchild of Peter Carter and Taeko Kashiwagi and was established in November 2007. It opened its doors for its first students on January 4th, 2008 and has continued to grow. Designed as an English school for all ages and language proficiency levels, Beat Eikaiwa has shown its strengths and has seen steady, continued growth in student numbers and revenue since its inception. Its strengths were its involvement in the local community and its caring for its students. Through this effort Beat Eikaiwa has continued to attract students to its classes and student retention has never been a problem.

School Population

In 2019 the school had 130-140 concurrent students. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic currently it currently has approximately 100 students attending classes.

Beat Eikawa


One key aspect to Beat Eikaiwa’s continued growth has been its location. Based in Hyotanyama-cho, Higashi Osaka, Beat Eikaiwa occupies a self standing building (3-classrooms), 1-minute from Hyotanyama Station which in itself is one of the busiest stops on the Kintetsu Line from Namba to Nara.  It is perfectly located, opposite the Hyotanyama local government bicycle parking which houses over 1,200 bicycles and scooters. Foot traffic is also large as it is on the main access road to the Hyotanyama shotengai which houses all the major banking and service industries. See the location here.

Beat Eikawa

Future Goals and Milestones

Beat Eikaiwa has unlimited potential for growth. Student numbers continue to grow and the chance for expansion is really up to the imagination and hard work from the owners and staff.

Currently beat Eikaiwa has 3 teachers with varied roles and number of hours.

With one full time employee (native English speaker), one part time native English speaking position for the owner and one Japanese university student providing class assistance and encouragement, Beat Eikaiwa has unlimited potential for growth.

External Contracts

For the past ten years Beat Eikaiwa has had a contract with Hiraoka Catholic Kindergarten to provide English language classroom activities for students. These classes are held every week between 10am ~ 12 noon on Thursdays.

Materials and Equipment

Beat Eikaiwa has built up an excellent amount of student materials and equipment which will be included in the sale of the school.
These include several classroom textbook sets for younger learners, including matching dictionaries as well as a very large variety of texts and other printed materials for adults, including specialised texts for TOEFL, TOEIC, Step Eiken and ten years of junior tests provided by JAPEC.

Beat Eikawa

Hardware includes 3 iMac computers for teacher use, 3 laptops for student use, scanners/printers/ laminators and an overhead projector as well as white boards and other classroom equipment, tables, chairs etc

2020 Yearly Budget & Expenses

For the operating year of 2020 Beat Eikaiwa’s gross income was ¥9,500,000+.
Beat Eikaiwa has a unique location in Hyotanyama, Higashi Osaka in a self standing shop front and the advantage is its long term lease arrangement at a very competitive and reasonable fee of ¥50,000 per month.
Utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet) are an average of ¥20,000 ~ ¥25,000 depending on the season.
Employees salary = ¥224,000 per month / 4-Days per week

Sale Price

Non-Refundable Deposit = ¥600,000
12 Monthly Payments @ ¥200,000 per month

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