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Book Review: A Descriptive Grammar of English

A Descriptive Grammar of English

The question of whether to teach grammar prescriptively or descriptively has been much debated in the ELT community. On the one hand, teaching prescriptive grammar, according to a fixed set […]

Cambridge University Press: Dedicated Teacher Award

Cambridge University

Cambridge University Press, the publishing division of the University of Cambridge, has awarded its 2021 Dedicated Teacher Award to Annamma Lucy, a social studies teacher working in Dubai. Teachers are […]

Academic English Collocations: ColloCaid


Academic English Collocations: ColloCaid Teachers, editors, proof-readers, or indeed anyone who regularly reviews texts can confirm that many writers struggle when choosing word combinations which sound natural. In general, choosing […]

American, British, and Euro-English


Compared to other Indo-European languages, English grammar is rather uncomplicated. Verb conjugation by person, for instance, is virtually nonexistent; and unlike in German and the Balto-Slavic languages, there is no […]

Top 10 Books for New ELT Teachers

Books for EFL Teachers

Top 10 Books for New ELT Teachers There is always help and advice available on books for ELT teachers. Whether it is from Facebook groups, forums or from colleagues, you […]

Hiring a TEFL Teacher Who’s World-Class

Hiring a Teacher

Hiring a TEFL Teacher Who’s World-Class Hiring a TEFL teacher is a big responsibility. But hiring someone you’ve never met in ‘real life’ and persuading them to fly halfway around […]

In Defence of Rhetoric in the EFL Classroom

Rhetoric is a fringe subject in ELT. This is evident from its sparse inclusion in pedagogical ELT books. When included it is always in disguise: English for persuasion, developing an […]