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In Defence of Rhetoric in the EFL Classroom

Rhetoric is a fringe subject in ELT. This is evident from its sparse inclusion in pedagogical ELT books. When included it is always in disguise: English for persuasion, developing an […]

A Moral Dilemma in My Teaching Career

THE MORAL QUESTION Would you put your own job in jeopardy to highlight the needs of your students? Yes? Read the question again. Even if it meant losing your own […]

5 Steps to Designing Equitable Instruction

5 Steps to Designing Equitable Instruction: Applying Universal Design for Learning in the English as a Foreign Language Classroom Classrooms across the world are becoming more diverse due to global […]

Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is an almost inescapable aspect of our contemporary culture. It seems that with very few exceptions, most aspects of our lives can be enhanced, supported, and occasionally disrupted […]

Teaching Tracks: Top Ten

Teaching Tracks: Top 10

Teaching Tracks: Book Review: Chris Walklett, I first came across Chris Walklett’s work in the academic presentations and conference appearances he made in the years leading up to this publication.  […]

Our Thoughts Have No Official Language

Our Thoughts Have No Official Language

Our Thoughts Have No Official Language: “I have to stop thinking in my native language”. This is one of the sentences most commonly heard by every language teacher (mainly in […]

Beat Eikaiwa, Osaka – School for Sale

BEAT EIKAIWA IS NOW SOLD! Beat Eikaiwa was the brainchild of Peter Carter and Taeko Kashiwagi and was established in November 2007. It opened its doors for its first students […]

Experiential/Hands-on Learning in TEFL

Experiential/Hands on Learning-Experiential Learning in TEFL

Experiential/Hands-on Learning in TEFL Experiential/hands-on learning has long been proclaimed by educators including myself as a fundamental factor in setting children up to have a lifelong love of learning and […]