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4 Ways to Decolonize Your English Classes

In today’s world, it’s hard to deny that the ability to speak English can offer students real professional and academic advantages.  However, English education as an institution, has a dark

Social Reform, ‘Woke’ and ELT


‘Woke’ activists have been telling us to ‘wake up’ for the past two years: Wake up to issues of discrimination concerning gender, sexual orientation (LGBT) and race. Meanwhile, the ‘‘cancel

A Short Guide to Acronyms in ELT

Acronyms in ELT

Acronyms in ELT: What they mean and where and how they are used.  Like any profession or field, the teaching of English has evolved and developed a whole range of

Book Review: A Descriptive Grammar of English

A Descriptive Grammar of English

The question of whether to teach grammar prescriptively or descriptively has been much debated in the ELT community. On the one hand, teaching prescriptive grammar, according to a fixed set