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The Post Pandemic Student 

Like many others, I was looking forward to the return to face-to-face classes after COVID 19 had peaked and most of us were vaccinated. Most of my colleagues and I […]

4 Ways to Decolonize Your English Classes

In today’s world, it’s hard to deny that the ability to speak English can offer students real professional and academic advantages.  However, English education as an institution, has a dark […]

Interactive Exercises & Resources for ESL Online

Interactive exercises are the first thing that come to mind for people when they think about how to teach interactively. Language teaching is when students click, move things with their […]

Making the Most Out of Your Coursebooks

Making the Most Out of Your Coursebooks

The role of coursebooks in EFL is a topic of some controversy.  For many, language books form the backbone of their curriculums, and some EFL teachers have a strong loyalty […]