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Zen and the Art of Language Presentations

To teach new language successfully, and in a way that students are interested in, it can often help to point to something beyond the language itself in order for the […]

4 Ways to Decolonize Your English Classes

In today’s world, it’s hard to deny that the ability to speak English can offer students real professional and academic advantages.  However, English education as an institution, has a dark […]

American, British, and Euro-English


Compared to other Indo-European languages, English grammar is rather uncomplicated. Verb conjugation by person, for instance, is virtually nonexistent; and unlike in German and the Balto-Slavic languages, there is no […]

Top 10 Books for New ELT Teachers

Books for EFL Teachers

Top 10 Books for New ELT Teachers There is always help and advice available on books for ELT teachers. Whether it is from Facebook groups, forums or from colleagues, you […]

Teaching Tracks: Top Ten

Teaching Tracks: Top 10

Teaching Tracks: Book Review: Chris Walklett, I first came across Chris Walklett’s work in the academic presentations and conference appearances he made in the years leading up to this publication.  […]

Using Gboard in Language Learning Settings

Using Gboard

With the advent of CALL (computer assisted language learning) in educational settings, a proliferation of experimental studies has addressed possible novel uses of cutting-edge gadgets and software in language classes. […]

Mistakes Are Opportunities to Learn

Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities

Mistakes Are Opportunities to Learn When we’re learning a foreign language, we are bound to make mistakes.  As a teacher, I encourage my learners to take risks and praise them […]