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EFLtalks, talks for teachers, in keeping with the idea of producing new, creative and innovative methods of providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to EFL teachers worldwide, will flip their upcoming web event.

10 in 10 for YOU, to be held on Saturday, February 20th, is doing something different by crowdsourcing the subject matter. Teachers will ask their questions through a survey made through and by EFL Magazine for this event. The questions will then be distributed to our worldwide experts, or EFLtalkers, and they will answer them, live, using our exclusive 10 minute, 10 slide web event format. The event will be recorded and archived in the growing, searchable database on the www.EFLtalks.com website and YouTube channel for viewing anytime and anywhere.

This will be the second event held by EFLtalks and expects to eclipse the success of our first event which has attracted more than 13,000 viewers from over 200 countries. It is fast, dynamic and forces our EFLtalkers to get to the point quickly. Not an easy task, but it sure is fun!

This exciting concept has been catching on and we are building a worldwide Personal Learning Network (PLN) that is and will remain free for teachers old, new and soon to be. It has attracted such names as Shelly Terrell Sanchez, Gavin Dudeney, Vicki Hollett, Chuck Sandy and 46 more experts from every aspect of the EFL market today. Be sure to check out the recordings from our first webathon held in October, 10 in 10 for 10, a whirlwind 10-hour, 50-speaker, non-stop, informative share-a-thon that was so successful, will be an annual event for World Teachers’ Day.

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EFLtalks – 10 in 10 for YOU