Interview with Kris Jagasia, CEO of Off2Class

Today’s interview is with Kris Jagasia on building a thriving ESL software company, Off2Class. Kris discusses how he got started in entrepreneurship. How, along with his partners, he bootstrapped his enterprise and gained profitability. Kris gives some valuable insights about management, entrepreneurship, pivoting, and what’s coming down the line in the ESL world.


Kris Jagasia is the co-founder and CEO of Off2Class, a software toolkit for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. Off2Class is used by thousands of teachers in over 120 countries to deliver online and in-classroom ESL lessons.

Kris has built many of the key teams within the business including teacher support & success, marketing, and sales, and takes an active role in managing US K12 operations. Kris is always keen to connect with other EFL business owners, you can find Off2Class on Twitter @off2class and connect with Kris directly on LinkedIn.