From Language School Teacher to Successful Freelancer

Teacher to Successful Freelancer

From Language School Teacher to Successful Freelancer

In this podcast with Tim Thompson, Tim explains the steps. He took to go from being a language school teacher to a successful freelancer. Moving from Kentucky 20 years ago, Tim started out teaching in a language school. After that, he moved to a university from which he left to start his own company, Archer Consulting.

Tim takes us on his journey to being his own boss- the challenges and successes. He also gives some invaluable advice on dealing with clients, networking, marketing, and what you should ensure before you go it alone.


Tim Thompson has been working in the ELT industry in Korea for twenty years. So, he has taught at three universities and works with publishers, government ministries and research centres, major corporations, and educational training centres to provide academic and professional skills training, teacher training, interview and language assessment services, proofreading, and start-up coaching.

Therefore, a popular conference speaker, Tim has been hosted by schools and organizations around the world for invited talks and longer training sessions.

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