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Adjective Order in English Revisited

Adjective Order in English Revisited Look at this picture. How would you describe this object?  Which of these sentences sounds most correct? It’s a big, round, orange pumpkin. It’s a […]

Edinburgh’s EFL revival?

Following the twin blows of Covid and Brexit, there are signs of renewed life in Edinburgh’s EFL scene. While several schools have closed for good in the last three years, […]

Icebreaker Activities for EFL Students

It’s advisable to use icebreaker activities or “getting to know you” activities, so that students can become more familiar with each other and get along better as the course progresses. […]

Activities to Learn Students’ Names

Activities to learn students’ names When you start teaching a new group of students, it’s important to begin learning their names right away. As Lang (2020) puts it, “learning and […]

How to Choose ELT Coursebooks or Materials

ELT Coursebooks

There are so many different coursebooks, worksheets and other resources available for teaching English nowadays; how can teachers or directors of study choose which ones to use?   Additionally, as other […]