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How to Hire and Retain Great Teachers

Hire and retain teachers

How to Hire and Retain Great Teachers with Peter Lackner In today’s episode we talk to Peter Lackner of JobsinJapan about how to hire and retain Great teachers. We also […]

Beat Eikaiwa, Osaka – School for Sale

BEAT EIKAIWA IS NOW SOLD! Beat Eikaiwa was the brainchild of Peter Carter and Taeko Kashiwagi and was established in November 2007. It opened its doors for its first students […]

Abandoned Anxiety Attitude (AAA)

Abandoned Anxiety Attitude

As many of you know, Asian students in particular, usually are painfully shy, especially when speaking in public, Figure 1. I recently delivered a module of Publicly Speaking, anticipating problems […]

Analogies Can Teach Anything

Analogies Can Teach Anything

by Glenn G. Dahlem, Ph.D. All educators have long known about testing and pretesting based on using analogies.  “Nine is to eighty-one as four is to: a. five, b. sixteen, […]

The Great Brexit Balls Up for ELT


Across the UK, English schools are standing empty, and teachers are being made redundant in increasing numbers.  Host families are genuinely worried about keeping up with their mortgages, and many […]

The Value of Attending Conferences

The Value of Attending Conferences

Having been fortunate enough to attend a number of ELT conferences this year, I have decided to provide an overview of the last two, namely the IATEFL Hungary conference entitled […]

How to Publish a Book (and How NOT to!)

How to Publish a Book (and How NOT to!)

Every teacher dreams of compiling their best teaching ideas into a solid book at some point in their career, I suspect. It might be to use as a textbook for […]