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Warmers for English Lessons

Warmers for English Lessons

Warmers for English Lessons I have attended language classes of several types, covering both my native language and the foreign languages I speak. One thing sets some classes apart from […]

Zen and the Art of Language Presentations

To teach new language successfully, and in a way that students are interested in, it can often help to point to something beyond the language itself in order for the […]

4 Ways to Decolonize Your English Classes

In today’s world, it’s hard to deny that the ability to speak English can offer students real professional and academic advantages.  However, English education as an institution, has a dark […]

Social Reform, ‘Woke’ and ELT


‘Woke’ activists have been telling us to ‘wake up’ for the past two years: Wake up to issues of discrimination concerning gender, sexual orientation (LGBT) and race. Meanwhile, the ‘‘cancel […]

7 More Favourite EFL Books


EFL Magazine is delighted to highlight 7 EFL Books suggestions which we hope may be useful to you all.  A big EFL Magazine Thank You! to our 7 book reviewers […]

Teaching Tracks: Top Ten

Teaching Tracks: Top 10

Teaching Tracks: Book Review: Chris Walklett, I first came across Chris Walklett’s work in the academic presentations and conference appearances he made in the years leading up to this publication.  […]

Experiential/Hands-on Learning in TEFL

Experiential/Hands on Learning-Experiential Learning in TEFL

Experiential/Hands-on Learning in TEFL Experiential/hands-on learning has long been proclaimed by educators including myself as a fundamental factor in setting children up to have a lifelong love of learning and […]