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An Interview with Sue Leather: ELT Consultant, Author, Educator, and Business Owner

Sue Leather is a UK ELT consultant, teacher educator and author, now based in Vancouver.  She runs an educational consultancy group, Sue Leather Associates ( ) specialising in teacher and trainer education, teacher’s professional development, and in the management of international ELT projects. She holds an MA in Education (TESOL) from the Institute of Education, University of London.

Sue co-founded EVE:Equal Voices in ELT, an initiative that was created to recognise both gender and highly proficient speaker  parity in keynote andplenary line-ups for ELT conferences and events worldwide. ( ) In 2020, she initiated the EVE Mentoring Programmes, which you can read about here:

Sue is also an expert on Extensive Reading, sometimes called Learner Literature. She has written almost 40 original graded readers for a number of publishers. She has won the Learner Literature Award twice, for Dead Cold (Cambridge University Press) and Ask a Friend (StandFor Readers) and was nominated a further two times, for The Big Picture(Cambridge University Press) and The Way Home (Cambridge University Press). She is the author (with Jez Uden) of  Extensive Reading: The Role of Motivation (2021)

For the past year or so, Sue has been focusing on writing mainstream fiction. Her new website – coming any day now- is

You can find all her books on her Amazon Author Page.


Twitter: @sueleather



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