From Houston to Building 5 Schools across Europe with Ron Morrain

Today’s guest is Ron Morrain. Ron and I chat about his background growing up in Texas, and the challenges he’s had to overcome in starting and building his businesses. He also tells me about the advantage of having a  business coach, and the mistakes he’s learned from on his entrepreneurial journey.


Ron Morrain is an American (Houston, Texas), and currently lives and works in Germany. He is co-founder and Director of Studies at the Language Learning Centers Europe which is headquartered in Duisburg, Germany. He has been working as an Educational Consultant and Business English Trainer for over 20 years internationally. Ron speaks three languages fluently (English, German, and Spanish), but gets along with several other languages as well.

Ron Morrain is the innovator of the graphic facilitation concept of *Ready-made Mind Maps *(RMMs), which promotes learning/teaching methodologies E.g. – TBL (Task-based Learning) and PBL (Project-based Learning), Content and language integrated learning (CLIL), and Content-based Instruction (CBI). Language Coaching sessions for L2 and L1 learners are also facilitated by RMMs. Ron has been promoting the concept of Mind Mapping with TBL and PBL at conferences, universities, teacher workshops, and webinars internationally since 1992.

He is also the founder of the Business English Special Interest Group BESIG Russia, which had its debut in Moscow in 2019. BESIG Russia is the first special interest group that concentrates solely on CPD events for teachers in the area of Business English in Russia.