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Edinburgh’s EFL revival?

Following the twin blows of Covid and Brexit, there are signs of renewed life in Edinburgh’s EFL scene. While several schools have closed for good in the last three years,

Cubing: Recharging the Power of Brainstorming

“My family had to escape from our country because of it.” My EAP (English for Academic Purposes) class had ‘cubed’ the lesson topic – describing, comparing, analysing, arguing, telling a

Making the Most Out of Your Coursebooks

Making the Most Out of Your Coursebooks

The role of coursebooks in EFL is a topic of some controversy.  For many, language books form the backbone of their curriculums, and some EFL teachers have a strong loyalty

Social Reform, ‘Woke’ and ELT


‘Woke’ activists have been telling us to ‘wake up’ for the past two years: Wake up to issues of discrimination concerning gender, sexual orientation (LGBT) and race. Meanwhile, the ‘‘cancel

Interactional Competence – Three Classroom Activities

Interactional Competence

Interactional Competence – Three Classroom Activities Most EFL teachers are probably familiar with the stilted nature of the learner to learner conversational interaction. Low confidence, lack of vocabulary or grammar

Constructivist Theory, Connection and Rubrics

Constructivist Theory

Teachers are “vehicles of power”. Teachers must provide circumstances for students to accomplish empowerment. It is only possible when we as teachers take a critical stance to our activities. Most